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Doug answered my many questions about the Medicare supplement and prescription coverages over the phone and when I was in the office. He helped make it a smooth transition and reminded me to call whenever I have any further questions in the future. Brittany also is very cordial and helpful whenever I call and need assistance.

– Patricia B., customer since 2015

You guys are very caring on a personal basis which makes your service great.

– Gopalan V., customer since 1998

Constant and efficient communication made the process easy and much less stressful. Very appreciative of the professionalism, while still providing a level of outstanding personal service.

– Customer since 2013

I have been doing business with Integrity for several years now and pleased to say I am very satisfied with their professional approach in doing business and plan to continue into the future!

– Gary R., customer since 2011

Your agency has insured my home, property, and auto needs for many years. The knowledgeable, friendly staff is always available to answer and clarify any questions along with a regular review to update any areas of coverage as may be necessary.

– David B., customer since 1998

My initial experience with Integrity was through referral from friends, whom Doug had helped with their insurance. Doug spent considerable time in determining my needs; then recommended homeowner and automobile policies that saved me approximately $500 per year. Since then, I visited with Doug along with two elderly single women friends who needed help with their Medicare supplementary plans. Doug very carefully walked each of them through their situations, and made recommendations. He was able to save one woman considerable money; the other he recommended that she stay with her current provider. As you can see, I recognize Doug to be a good listener, and he spends adequate time to assess a client’s need, then makes a recommendation. I have told several people over the years about Doug, and recommended him. Further, the staff at Integrity is very friendly, and quick to respond when questions arise.

– Thomas S., customer since 2013

You saved us money on our insurance and I hope IT STAYS THAT WAY, THANK YOU.

– Customer since 2009

It is a great company works hard to make every thing as you want it.

– Customer since 2015

Mike was extremely timely when our non-profit was placed in a time crunch. He & the staff at Integrity really came through!

– Customer since 2016

You were always available with answers and advice.

– Jane G., customer since 2014

Trusted friend who knows what is the best path for us to follow and makes it work for our situation. Thanks Doug.

– Richard C., customer since 2003

Our experience with your representative was a positive one and we have not required any additional assistance over the past few years.

– Customer since 2010

Everything is spelled out for me when I have to make a decision.

– Customer since 2012

I have been with integrity insurance for years. Very happy with the service. I like it when an insurance company calls me and says we need to find you a cheaper rates.

– Kevin H., customer since 2008

Assisted me when life, auto and health insurance was needed. When I retired rolled over 401K.

– Customer since 2013

Always answer questions. As a broker and not an insurance company yourself, you don’t mind looking around for beat $ for coverage.

– Michael C., customer since 2012

Because you are quick to respond and do stuff right! I love Integrity Insurance & Associates!

– Elizabeth D., customer since 2011

I wasn’t sure what to do with my annuity accounts and you were able to guide me in getting them set up to pay out what was needed.

– Margaret A., customer since 1989

Proactively communicates to me. Responds to calls in a timely manner. Very friendly and courteous. Doesn’t over sell to my needs

– Mary F., customer since 2005
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